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The use of a weed burner for flame weeding or weed burning is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of weed control when used in a regular weed control program.

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, it is essential to focus on effective, environmentally friendly weed control. By prioritizing the protection of our waterways, dams, and drinking water from chemical run-off, we can play a vital role in safeguarding life on our planet. Starting at home, we can make a significant impact in this, fostering a greener and healthier environment for generations to come.
At Weed Burner Australia, we stock a wide range of weed burners for safe and chemical free weeding – browse our range online today.

All Weed Burner Australia our products use our Short Wand – Long Flame technology which means for you that minimal bending is required and is more ergonomic on your forearm and back and so more comfortable. Pictured: the WBK03 in action.

Also a FULL 9kg gas cylinder weighs 17.5kg approximately, and is difficult to lug around. If your terrain is reasonably flat a trolley is a great way to move your gas cylinder around. I find using the 2m hose versions WBK03 & WXT03 are best with a trolley as you can cover a large area fairly quickly.

Alternately if your terrain is unsuitable for trolley use then consider either a 4 & 8 metre hose versions. WBK04, WXT04, WBK08 & WXT08 models would be better suited. Place your cylinder in one spot and working the area around.

Weed Burner Australia’s goal is to make a powerful, high-quality product that doesn’t put strain on the user.
We have two models Premium and Standard each available with three different hose lengths, all are easy to connect to LP Gas cylinders that you would use at home for your bbq or on your caravan or boat.

SHIPPING: We ship Australia wide via AUSTRALIA POST, the shipping cost will depend on what model weed burner you choose, where you are located and if you want REGULAR or EXPRESS Postage. The Christmas period is a peak time for postage and the cut off time for pre-Christmas deliveries is the 10th of December 2023.

Premium or Standard – What’s the Difference?

WXT Premium Series models

WBK Series Standard models

Premium Range

Auto Ignition

Our Premium WXT Weed Burner Models come with an auto ignition integrated to the wand making lighting simple. just turn the knob and press to light your burner.

Ergonomic Hand-Piece

A far more ergonomic hand-piece which means more comfort for you. Great for prolonged use on those big weeding jobs.

More Robust design & construction.

Slightly heavier than the standard model but far more robust in design and its construction giving greater longevity for the life of your weed burner.

Standard Range

Displays WBK04 Product for eco friendly weed control
wbk04 weed burner

Standard Models

Our Standard Models with Long Flame Short wand Technology have proven themselves for many years, available in 2, 4 & 8 MT hose lengths.

Manual Ignition

Our Standard WBK Weed Burner Models come with a Flint Lighter a tried and tested method of lighting gas torches.

Displays the product for eco friendly weed control WBK08
Weed Burner WBK08

Long 8 MT Hose now available

Great for uneven surface areas where you can leave your gas cylinder in one place and work a large area around it. Perfect for vineyards.

At Weed Burner Australia we offer the latest gas products and as an Australian owned and operated. We consistently aim to be at the forefront of our industry, ensuring we remain leaders in our field. Our stock includes a wide range of gas weed burners and replacement and extension hoses. We cover all your needs for safe and effective weed control.




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